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  1. Please feel free to comment on Begfest 2016 – But remember that this is a family site !!!!!

  2. What a marvellous day!

    A clearly well-organised and obviously well-run festival that a lot of larger, not-necessarily
    -charitable festivals would do well to attempt to emulate. A fantastic on-stage experience for the bands (well, it was for US at least…), with great audio and video adding to the vibe for bands and audience alike.

    For us, it made the last 18 months of slogging around from our individual homes all over the country (following our decision to re-form) extremely worthwhile; and it has completely reaffirmed our initial commitment to that reformation. We are now, thanks to yesterday, looking forward with gusto to taking the 21st century version of Touch of Blue onwards and upwards to the possibilities available to us now but which were not available in the 90’s.

    So, a massive THANK YOU to EVERYBODY involved in BegFest – including all the other bands and performers. We ALL thoroughly enjoyed ourselves waaaay more than we thought we would. And we sincerely hope you’ll have us back in 2017.

    Thanks again.


  3. Plaudits !

    Thank you very much for the whole experience. Was lovely to play to you all, at such a well organised event and delightful atmosphere. Really hope I can come along next year even as a spectator

    Adi Chase – Adiescar

  4. We found you through friends (Laura and Colin) and took the vastly long journey from Little Paxton to enjoy a night with you in the garden. Apart from a slightly lumpy night in the tent (stubble and not the bearded kind) and the woman reinventing “chandellier” at 3am (she had a lovely voice, just not suited for the wee hours) it was a truly exceptional day. My 5 year old loved playing Lego whilst listening to the music and eating cake, and it was even nicer when other kids came over to play too. We hung out with friends, felt the kids were safe and everyone was friendly. The grub was amazing; so much so that I had to have just two of the burgers! At 49 even my husband said it was fabulous….He’s never been to a festival so had high expectations.

    Thank you thank you thank you to the organisers, the bands and singers, catering and bar team and everyone else I have missed for making it so good for me, my family and friends. We look forward to this year. Xxx

  5. Many thanks from BF17 to Mr Fraser Stock of Angloplas Ltd for his generous and unsolicited donation….

  6. Hi Dawn

    just fill your name an email address in on the application form to the right of the webpage and we’ll send you an email with all the details.



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