Info !

Where is it ?

Begfest is held in rural north Bedfordshire. We’ll send you a map and directions with your tickets.

When does it start ?

Gates open at 1pm, with music starting straight away. There is continuous music spread across two stages throughout the day.

What does it cost ?

Begfest is licensed for 400 ticket holders. Please purchase your tickets well in advance to avoid disappointment  Tickets may be purchased in advance ( and in good time ) through your favourite Begfester or via the contact page of this site.  Tickets for collection at the gate must be paid for in advance.

2020 ticket prices are as follows:

Adult   £ 17.50

Accompanied Under 18’s  £ 2.50

Accompanied Under 5’s  – £ Free

Camping – Important note

Please note that due to circumstances beyond Begfests’ control that there is NO camping available in 2020.  Our apologies for any disappointment caused, but please understand that there are genuine reasons for this.

Commercial campsites are available in Little Staughton and St Neots.


The Jim Marshall Memorial fully licenced bar

We have a fully licensed bar stocked with barrels of real ale, artisan ciders, pimms, wine, lager and a range of soft drinks. You’ll even find packets of crisps for sale. The Prosecco last year was particularly vintage – so we drunk it. There will be more this year served by our experienced bar staff. At our special bar the spirits serve you !

Please note our polite but firm request not to bring your own alcohol supplies on site as these are formally licenced premises for the duration of the event.

All our bar prices are very reasonable and contribute significantly to our charitable donation. What we are in effect asking is that you spend your money over the bar and not Baldi or Widdles or Fesco or the like where the profit doesn’t go to charity but to shareholders, fat cat directors, tax, the despicable EU and other worthless causes run by sweaty palmed money grabbing accountancy consultancy practices and their sticky palmed friends. Our profits all go to saving people and generally doing really really nice good things…….There, that should make you feel better about spending money over our bar.

Sanitary Facilities

This year we will be without the beloved Turdis, as it, together with its occupants, have skipped through a hole in the space/time continuum to avoid costly bureaucratic Brexit impex paperwork.  Newer, more modern facilities will be available at the newly commissioned Comfort Station.  We will, however, continue to insist on the following EU restrictions to prevent difficulties in the event of an emergency evacuation.

  1. Only bags 22 x 22 cm may be taken into the ablutions and must be kept in the overhead racks at all times.
  2. A pre-wetted lifejacket can be found under the seat in case of overdevelopment of local flood plains during the course of the day.
  3. Those wishing to be seated together can book their seats in advance for an additional fee.  Additional fees ow apply for those wishing to share the lifejacket in para. 2
  4. Reading material is not permitted in the ablutions, except Fab Tarts reviews and they are there for a purpose.

The shower facility will, as usual, be available for all your showering needs.  As per previous years, bookings for the Sid James memorial peephole can be made by signing the register in the vestry.

Southern Rail season ticket holders may still use the shower facilities, but please only do this very intermittently and all at once.  Those of you who have been waiting since last year will have priority and possibly a free bottle of water.  An additional 2.7% will be levied on Southern Rail ticket holders just to annoy them.

Barbeque food

There will of course be the usual high quality range of burgers, sausages and legendary pulled-pork rolls, as well as a limited supply of vegetarian alternatives – If they haven’t all been declared dangerous by obsessive government scientists.  Here we see our BBQ team resting after a hard days foraging in preparation for your culinary pleasuring.  As you can see they have so far collected two baskets of provisions and two small children in unfeasibly large hats. Of course, the children are nothing to do with the barbeque itself – heaven forfend.  They will of course be held ransom for a short period until someone sponsors the charcoal supply.  If you would like to sponsor our charcoal supply, please get in touch via the Contax page otherwise the charming little moppets are off to the workhouse quicksharp.

Tea and Cake Stall

Lovely chunks of homemade cake and cups of tea or coffee will be available during the afternoon and early evening.  A limited quantity of gluten free items will also be available.



Photo: Here we see Mrs Trellis looking much more cheeryfullsome.  Filling the deep void in her life betwixt Begfests, Mrs Trellis has taken to fostering orphaned ostrich chicks.



Dogs and Children and Miscreants

Well behaved dogs and children are welcome.  Please remember the behaviour of dogs and children is the owners responsibility and both should be fed, watered and toiletted regularly. Neither should be allowed to howl or whine.  Do not leave small children in locked cars while you exercise your dog.  The Begfest team are not responsible for the behaviour of your children.  This is not because we are lacking the talents of the Krankies or the Chuckle Brothers – It is because they are your children.  Please remember that there are potential  hazards on the site and that the surrounding fields are part of a working farmland and are strictly off limits to all.  The organisers quite naturally and in a friendly and charming kind of way reserve the right to ask you to leave the site if you fail to follow these basic principles.  Please do not let little ones stand too close to the P/A and ear defenders are a good idea for the very young ones.  Likewise, grown ups who do not show a modicum of respect for the premises and persons contained therein will be cordially invited to Foxtrot Oscar and never return.  Our apologies for having to include this stentorian warning this year, but we must be particularly aware of the Country Code.  Remember, some poor sod has got to clean up after you.


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Not so keen on this one……

 Helmut the German Naturist

Helmut has re-invented himself as a YouTube pundit and now hosts and comments on Begfest videos ( youtube:  Begfest Archive).  More updates on the life and loves of Helmut to follow.



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