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Begfest has gone from strength to strength since it was founded in 2010. If you missed any of our events, have a look at some of the things you missed; if you were there – awesome !

Down below we have a selection of BEGPIX from BEGSGONEBYE .  You can view the pics as thumbs or click on the image for the full size ear wax and nasal hair version.  Click again and the photo will advance to the next shot………

If you’d like an e:copy of a pic let us know. We will e:mail you a copy in return for a small donation of your choice

Roz has compiled a slide show of Begfest 17 pics, if you fancy taking a mooch through them, just click here:

Potted history of Begfest

Most people who get involved with Begfest are a little potty – so heres a potted history of the event together with excellent contemporary photographs from the lens of Roz.  Before we get to those though, we dug up Tony Robinson from a recently discovered medieval midden and frisked him for old photos of begfests gone by.

Begfest timeline

B Day 1945 – Mrs Trellis spends her ration coupons at the BBQ

BegJazz Trad Jazz fest 1947 – Purchase of ex Luftwaffe tannoy improves sound quality

BODFest 1964 – Mods Vs Mrs Trellis

Glastonbeggy 1966 – Mrs Trellis attempts to undermine the Begfest Board meeting

Blightfest 1969 -Ticket printing error sent everybody to the Isle of Wight

BegressiveRockFest 76 – Fab Tarts miss the mark with their seminal album Darth Side of The Moon

BunkFest 1977– The legendary tee shirts fail to capture the essence of the event

NewBegmantics – 80’s – A fab Tart gets it totally wrong and goes into hifding until 2017

Begload 1988 – That Lars Ulrich is still trying to get a ticket by looking menacing

Begfest 2016 – The organising committee try out the new multi-occupant long-drop khazi





Begfest through the lens of Roz





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