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 Acts that have appeared at Begfest

Please find below a list of acts that have appeared at Begfest over the years.  Our thanks to all our performers for their time and talent.


The Fabulous Tartan Dressing Gowns / Australian Fabulous Tartan Dressing Gowns / Squiggle – The Artistes Formerly Known As The Fabulous Tartan Dressing Gowns –

John Verity

Marcus Bonfanti

Ben Smith & Jimmy Brewer

The Margot Gamble Band 

April Blue 

Chuck Rugged & The B Movies


Touch Of Blue

Red Soul Stealers


Ethan Ash

10,000 Mexicans Feat. Al Amo

Louis Thornton

John Verity & Band

Dan Whitehouse

Ben Smith & Band

Mrs Trellis and her Rusty Organ

Efficient Axxes

Grammar Police

Set To Air

The Drunken Thursdays

Karen Mac Trio

Monkey Sister

Garry Cutress / Ghost Repeaters

Jasmine Rodgers

Phoenix Calling

The Simpletone

The Yes Mess

Paul Lidell

Freds’ House

The Mark Gamble Band

Black Ivy

Bobby & The Helmets

The Flaming Cortinas

Emily Wainright, Emma R, Laura Knight

The Travelling Wheelbarrows

 Karen Mac

Tombo 2012  / Tom Bryans

Ben & Naomi

Lewis Stockwell

Andrew Page

Charlie & The Martyrs

Acts that have disappeared at Begfest

You know who you are………..Hope the hernias better !

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